places in Málaga with the best views

Do you like places with wonderful views? Me very much! That's why I love Malaga so much. Here, wherever you go, where you do not stop for a moment to breathe, have a coffee or a drink, you will find places that are complemented by magnificent views. Often times, what you drink does not count - because tinto de verano or tinto wine in most places taste the same - but it is important that it is there :)  After all, life is these breathtaking moments ... in each of the places listed below  you will stop and find that such moments are worth living for :)

The best for a drink, for wine, for coffee, for a celebration of life ...;)

1. Terrace of the Marriott Hotel


This place I guess  I don't need to introduce anyone to anyone;)  One of my favorites and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. The restaurant located on the 15th floor, with a bar and swimming pool for guests and a shared terrace is one of the best in my opinion  Málaga viewpoints. The hotel is located in the vicinity of the Cathedral and the port, which makes the panorama of the city impressive. It is certainly a perfect idea for a romantic evening for two, wine at sunset or afternoon coffee in the sun with wonderful views of Malaga.

Yes .. it's always here  wonderful :)  


You will find the Marriott Hotel on the street  Calle Cortina del Muelle (next to the Cathedral )


2. PArador de Málaga Gibralfaro


Located on the hill of the castle, Gibralfaro Hotel and Restaurant is hidden away  wonder. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and crowds of people. Only silence, wine and breathtaking  views of the harbor and bull arena. 

Here you can really breathe and feast your eyes. This is where life is celebrated;) 

The perfect place to go  romantic dinner.  


The Parador can be found right next to Gibralfaro Castle , a few steps away from the Mirador del Gibralfaro viewpoint.




I have a huge weakness  to this type of place where good food is mixed with unique food  atmosphere,

And it's all thanks to their owners :) Desal has been open for only 2 months, and it has already stolen my heart and with a pure heart I put it on the 3rd place in my ranking;)  


This place has everything a discerning gourmet needs - fresh and very good food,  a much different and interesting offer, a cool interior and, above all, a soul and passion.

Particularly noteworthy here is the offer of sandwiches that I have not encountered anywhere else in Malaga. The combination of avocados, carrots and mangoes on one toast - wow madness! 

For so rich  and an original menu, it has very affordable prices - a complete breakfast

(coffee, juice, toast) from € 4.10; only sophisticated sandwiches, which are a proposal for lunch from 6.10  €.


Desal is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

You will find them at  Calle Nosquera  2 ,  near  Dulces Dreams. 

4. Brunchit

Brunchit is a restaurant with an Italian soul, the philosophy of which is to convey the love of culture in flavors

and Italian cuisine, keeping traditions and caring for quality.  A big note  is attached to natural and ecological products, which can be seen and felt in the dishes served.  In addition, I will mention that the water with lemon at the cash register  and mint is served for free and you can pour it at will, in hot weather  Malaga is  downright priceless!


The breakfast menu is served as brunch. Typical Spanish can be found under the slogan Eco, 

combined with yoghurt and fruit as a Combo. In addition, you will find more sophisticated sets with bacon, or in the New York version - a toast with tomato, avocado, fried egg, plus coffee and orange juice - the cost is about 6/7 €.


You can find Organic Brunchit at  Calle Carreteria 46. 

5. Julia Bakery

The place captivates with its simplicity and  first of all, naturalness.  My special attention was paid primarily to the rarely seen today "truthfulness" of all sweets, muffins, cakes and bread,  which look like only  what I got out of the oven at Grandma's  living in the countryside  :) All these delicacies are baked on the spot, so I'm not afraid to use the word that they look and taste like home-made.


It is both a bakery and a cafeteria where - with my hand on my heart - I drank the best coffee in Malaga.  A hit, because the taste of such coffee in the morning plus breakfast with tomato sauce (by the way, which one  texture and color differed from what I meet every day) it's a great experience of tastes and you can't imagine a better start in the morning;) I always order something sweet, because it's simply difficult to say "no".  


Julia Bakery can be found on  Calle Carreteria 44,  next to  Brunchit.

6. Astrid Taperia Organica

Taperia Organica serves only healthy, organic food,  and the entire cooking process can be seen through the glass  dividing  kitchens with  room. The aim of the restaurant is to promote eco food and offer  dishes  made of genuinely tasty,  seasonal  products and only local ones.  The fruits and vegetables come from the land  Guadalhorce, and meat products from Seville's organic farms, all of the best quality.  


In fact, this is the only place in Málaga where breakfast is served as a buffet for only 4.70  € per person. This price is worth trying to get rich  an organic meal consisting of olive paste, different  kind  breads, fresh  fruit and tomatoes, juices, organic jams, cereals  breakfast, yoghurts and  milk  vege, cheese, jamón serrano or even organic  butter. 

It all creates an amazing treat!


The buffet is cheese daily from 9.00 to 11.00; Astrid  Taperica Organica can be found in the very center of Malaga at  Calle Calderón de la Barca  6

7. Cafe central

Cafe Central is a place worth visiting by every tourist who wants to learn about Spanish customs and history. It was here in 1954. Coffee began to be served in 9 ways, and its taste has not changed to this day, for 70 years  coming  from the same provider.


Despite the fact that the place is quite crowded, it is worth going to Cafe Central at least once to try a traditional breakfast, drink coffee  on one  with 9 ways and admire how the city is teeming with life.

It's okay if you don't know the language, the breakfast menu has been prepared in the picture version.

The price of a toast, depending on the size and type, up to 4  €.


The cafe is located in the heart of Málaga  corner of Calle Sta Maria from Plaza de la Constitucion. Map  here.

8. Casa Aranda

Churros is traditional Spanish  well-done delicacy  In  deep fat.  Freshly fried churros have a shape  spiral, just served  cuts itself  for smaller,  sticky pieces.

In taste  resembles a Polish donut, but drenched  in chakolada makes it  a unique Spanish specialty.  It is most often a breakfast set,  especially popular in winter and on cold days. However, the locals love it so much that the churrerias are filled to the brim for days :)


One of such places is Casa Aranda, which is probably the most famous and  the most visited churreria in Málaga. The 75-year-old tradition and good location in the city center attract not only  tourists, but also native malaguenos.  


Casa  Arande can be found near Mercado Central  at Calle Herrería del Rey 1. Map  here.

9. La Bella Julieta

The place, recently, very popular and quite crowded. And this is due not only to  large,  for a Malaga cafeteria, space, but also good sandwiches and various sweets.  


The offer of the confectionery / cafe is very rich. You can feast on not only the stomach but also the eye, because

so many sweet delicacies here;) For breakfast we can  eat approx  15 different types  a toast, the traditional Spanish way  - with cheese or ham in various variants and combinations.

Coffee from 1.30  €, toasts from € 2.  


La Bella Julieta can be found at  Calle Puerta del Mar  20 , near Mercado Central.  



10. L'expérience

The place was inconspicuous and I thought it was typically touristic. I would never have looked there if it hadn't been for a recommendation in one of the Spanish articles and I have to admit, it was worth the temptation;)  


At L'experience we will eat a typical Spanish breakfast consisting of freshly squeezed juice,  coffee,

2 hefty croutons and a large bowl of tomato sauce for just 2.40  €. I was amazed by the price and taste.  However, the biggest addition to breakfast is the sight of the Cathedral itself .

No wonder the place is always ranked in the top 10 restaurants in Málaga  with the best views.  


L'experience can be found at  Plaza Obispo  4.



In addition to the above-mentioned places, you can taste the breakfast  In :

- El Ultimo Mono

- Noviembre 

- Recyclo Bike Cafe 

- La Escalera

- La Canasta