Center Pompidou Malaga

The Centro Pompidou in Málaga is (after Caminito del Rey)  recently the hottest and most visited attraction in Malaga, which only confirms the intense cultural development of the city over the past few years.


Center Pompidou is a French museum of contemporary art established in 1977. on the initiative of the then President of France, Georges Pompidou.  Until now, the only derivative of the Pompidou Center was Pompidou-Metz, located in northern France. The collection in Malaga, known as  "Pompidou Málaga" is the first branch located outside France, which is a great honor for the city.  


The idea, inaugurated on April 28, 2015. museum, appeared in 2008. during the friendly match between France and Spain at the Rosaleda stadium attended by the current mayor  Francisco  de la Torre and the French ambassador to Spain. The project is now a pilot, and the contract for lending the name and works, signed for 5 years, will cost the city EUR 1 million per year.  


On the surface  We will find 6,300 m2  a place dedicated to workshops for children and  permanent and temporary collections, which present, among others,  80 paintings and photographs by Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Rineke Dijkstra, Tony Oursler, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, Max Ernst, René Magritte, De Chirico, Alberto and Sophie Calle Guacometti.

The permanent exhibitions deal with five themes:

• Metamorphoses: From Picasso to Rineke Dijkstra 

• Body in pieces: From Picasso to Tony Oursler 

• Political body: From Peter Klasen to Sigalit Landau 

• Self-portraits: From Van Dongen to Pierrick Sorin 

• The Faceless Man: From Chirico to Li Yong Bin


The Pompidou Center can be found at the Port of Muelle Uno. 

The admission ticket to the permanent exhibition costs 7 euros, with the temporary exhibition 9 euros. 

Free admission on Sunday after 4 p.m.


I can describe the Center Pompidou collection as intriguing and very interesting;) 

So surely everyone will leave the museum with "some emotions";)