One of the largest supermarket chains in Spain, which offers a typical Spanish products. In Malaga Centro Historico the nearest you can find in Calle Gutenburg (near Port) and Avenida Arroyo de los Angelos (near the river).

Super Sol


Chain of mini supermarkets, which are  easiest to spot  in the center of Malaga. This is your location  where you  can buy practically everything you need and for a small price.



If someone does not like this  Spanish food, or alcohol he can do  shopping at a  small Russian shop with many  Polish products, which is located at Calle Trinidad Grund (near the port). For Poles that live  in Malaga it is a special place :)



Another Spanish supermarket chain, which definitely stands out  because of  variety  of all kinds of household products, food and alcohol. You can find it, among others, in the shopping center Centro Larios.



If you need to do a little more shopping  then  Lidl is the best place for you. The same products, or similar to those, which are in UK stores, and the prices are quite affordable. You can find the nearest one in the center on Calle Hilera (near El Corte Ingles).

El Corte Ingles


It is the most famous  shopping centers chain in Spain, where you will also find a supermarket with products from around the world. Although you can find here much more than in a typical store, the prices tend to be much higher.