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La Fabrica Cruzcampo 

Entering here, it is easy to forget that you are in Malaga, and I would even dare to say that you can feel like you are in one European capital. The interior design

and quite a large area of the premises is unique here, but also the project itself is innovative and the first of its kind on the Costa del Sol.


Beer connoisseurs know that Malaga is famous for its San Miguel beer, while Cruzcampo is produced ... in Seville. And yet  a decision was made to just that

in Málaga's artistic and alternative Soho district  to open the first factory in Spain  Cruzcampo beer.  The project turned out to be a bull's eye.


Of course, we will drink all kinds of Cruzcampo beer here, we will eat a little something

(I recommend potatoes, fried eggplant or goat cheese salad), but we will also listen to live music - from Thursday to Sunday  at 17.00.

Not only that, every day at 11.30  and  12.30 you can visit the factory getting to know

secrets of the beer making process  artisanal Cruzcampo.


The place also attracts with its fantastic interior - austere and elegant at the same time,  perfectly fitting into the atmosphere of Soho. You can see that every detail has been taken care of here, all to create an unusual atmosphere and something completely different.  


Perfect for a beer with buddies at the bar, girl talks on the couch in the so-called living room.  IN  during the day or in the evening, I would rather eat something than lunch / dinner.


Fabrica Cruzcampo is a breath of fresh air in Malaga, completely different, a bit hipster and  showing the other face of this city - this one  modern, following  follow the trends.  


Fabrica can be found in the Soho district on the street. Trinidad Grund 29  


Open :

La Fábrica: Sunday -Wednesday  12: 30-1: 00

         Thursday - Saturday  12: 30-2: 00


Restaurant: Monday - Sunday 12:30 - 00:30


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