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It's a place that I created for people wishing to visit Malaga and Andalusia, and whose dream is to at least for a moment feel the Spanish climate, culture and get to know all of it charms.


It is also a place that I would like to become a source of inspiration for both those who are in Malaga "for a moment" and for its permanent residents.


It is not and never will be a ordinary guide. I want to take you to the places that you just have to see which have the soul and those, which as a regular tourist you would never ever know.


My Malaga.PL will help you make your dreams an unforgettable memories, and replace the gray reality for a moments full of sunshine and carefree.


This page is still imperfect, still being improved. That's my look at the places, people, objects, which surround me and I live with. It's my heart, which I would like to share with you each day.


Get inspired and feel that you are in a place where you should be :)












Excerpt from an interview that appeared on "Bzik Iberyjski"  


B.I  Before check all the visitor can review all bookmarks, see the beautiful picture on the home page.I delighted shutter. Who is behind of all this? 

J. K. .: I am a photographer, photo editor, content editor, organizer of the trips, deals with the positioning of the page, analyzing statistics, marketing, besides organizing meetings Polonia Malaga. Paddles is the result of my life in Malaga, always with a camera in my purse :) Today I cant cant imagine my life without and try to have the camera just with you. My friends have become accustomed to the fact that each go out to the restaurant is associated first with takes photos then later consumption ;) that each trip outside the city, trip to the beaches is also a post on Facebook and Instagram and thousands of shots to catch just "something" :) 


B.I: That's a lot of work. Do you like it? 

J. K. .: MyMalaga is me, and me is MyMalaga. I can not live in another way. I wish everyone experience this adventure to create something out of nothing, and that such a small thing gave so much joy and pride. is my child that I developed in various fields, gives me a lot of energy and life force, and above all an incredible opportunity for cooperation and meeting new people. Malaga opened me as a person, has changed the earlier approach to life,  gave me a light and simple joy each day through the pages I want to pass on. My dream is to infect other Spanish positive energy, give a little sun and show the places which they have no hear yet and see that every time it is worth to come here. In each text, I try to convey what she know or I could find out. There's not only the history / story ordinary, everyday life in Spain, cultural differences, anecdotes, what is Malaga "backstage" and just how it is here live -  hopefully in a paper version of the guide, which I hope will ever spend :)


Morw you can find here.

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