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Mañ ana Cocktail Bar

Malaga is not only San Miguel, red wine or  tinto de verano, but also refreshing mohito :) It's not hard to find a place to  would serve this drink, but there is only one  in the city,  which  makes the best mohitos and drinks I've ever had :)


Mañana is a small bar that runs two brothers from Latvia. Inconspicuous, a bit  windsurfing  straight from Tarifa, not attractive with its interior, but having the same atmosphere and atmosphere as hardly any bar. You can feel the sea, wind, naturalness, Cuban -  Spanish atmosphere introduced by guys from Central and Eastern Europe. Not only that, the Cubans themselves praise them for the best mohitos on the Costa del Sol.  They are appreciated for their value, freedom and simplicity of a place you just want to come back to. There you will find beers from all over the world and fancy drinks of their own combination, just be tempted;)


I must admit that this is my favorite place on Friday night :) I never know what drink the guys will serve me, but it is always a masterpiece. I recommend those from the menu, but also to rely on their good taste. Their positive energy infects, top-class drinks stimulate the taste buds and the senses, and the windsurfing board as a table reminds - hey! you are in Malaga, enjoy life and sun :))  


Believe me,  you will leave  charged with positive energy :)  There you will always remember that you are on vacation, even if you were not  :))


Mañane can be found next to Plaza Merced, on  Calle  San Juan de Letrán  7.

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