Mercado Central de Atarazanas is one of the places  iconic  in Málaga and  it's hard  I had to put them in the category of casual shops.  Main market, whatever you call it  it is definitely not an ordinary supermarket or greengrocer. It is safe to say that this is Málaga's attraction to make  you can  get to know the city better

and its history.  


Though it's hard to believe  during the reign of Arabs in the Iberian Peninsula, the building  lay on the very edge of the water,  and  the name "Atarazanas" means in fact  "place where ships are repaired".  The Nasrid shipyard was built in  14th century  during the reign of Mohomet V.  A characteristic feature of the shipyard was the seven arches  (only one, the creator, has survived to this day  the front wall) in the shape of a horseshoe, which formed the facade of the building. Over the course of several centuries, this place served several functions from a monastery, military barracks, hospital, school, and in 1978 it was recognized as a monument of great historical and artistic value. In April 2010, after a general renovation,  the market was reopened to become an important point on the culinary map of Malaga.  


Open from Monday to Saturday, more or less in the morning  until 2 p.m. it attracts not only local residents, but also numerous tourists.

There you will find neatly arranged  fresh vegetables and fruits - typically Spanish and more. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see  unheard of  in Poland, seafood and sumptuous  the size of a fish. Not everyone knows it's Sunday  is a day off from fishing, so I do not recommend going to the fish department on Mondays  ;) Market is also a great opportunity  to get to know Spanish culture

and simply,  see what the Spaniards have in the fridge. This is a place where you will see all kinds  cheeses, jamon  serrano, olives, nuts or  almonds that you will boldly be able to try, or local spices.  


While in Malaga, be sure to see  Mercado Central,  not only for tourism, but also  and buying Spanish specialties   ;)


You will find the market on Calle Atarazanas Street (near Calle Larios).

Map here.

Mercado central  de Atarazanas