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You are in Málaga and what next?

Map and guide sometimes it's just not enough to move freely around the city, that's why will help you - where to buy groceries, where are the souvenirs, how to get from the airport, in a word, where to find "everything".  

Here you will find answers to almost all your questions :)  

How to get:

- current flights from Poland

- how to get around Malaga airport

- how can I get to the city


Already in place:

- useful information, shops, rentals, tourist information points


In the Events tab you will find news from Malaga :)  


If you want to visit sunny Malaga on your own  and  you don't know how to "start", where to start, where to look, ask me :)


Still at home:

- flight search,  

- the best hotels, apartments  and their locations  


Already in place:

- transfer from the airport,

- what, where, how?  



My  it is also a website dedicated to the organization of your trip so that you feel at home there :)  



If you did not find the answer to your questions on the website  write to me