What to look for  by renting a car in Málaga


One of the best forms  exploring and moving around Andalusia is still and invariably a car. The rental costs are not high, and the time and opportunities offered by the freedom to reach every corner are amazing. in addition  communication to the many gems worth seeing is limited, especially when visiting the delightful pueblos blancos (white towns).

Without a car, it is often difficult to reach them, not to mention a smooth transition from one village to another.  That's why I always encourage you to rent a car in Málaga, nevertheless observing a few of the most important precautions. What's more, many offers seem tempting, and then we have strange downloads from the card and additional costs incurred while having good memories of the holidays. What should we know and what should you pay attention to when renting a car in Andalusia?



Before renting a car, make sure that our rental company will not block the funds on your credit card, which will act as a deposit until the car is returned. Often it is the amount of 1,200 Euro (for the smallest cars) up to several thousand Euro (for the most expensive models).  


Credit card  

When booking a car via the website, pay attention to the form of payment, whether it not only suits us, but above all whether we are prepared for a possible payment by credit card, or whether the rental company accepts a debit card. If we are afraid of our funds  it is worth looking for places where cash payments are accepted,  and there are more and more of them in Malaga.  



You always ask if it is worth buying additional insurance? It's worth it! Because in Andalusia, little attention is paid to scratches and minor abrasions, so we can be careful, but others not necessarily. But before we move on to additional insurance, let's make sure that the car we are renting has basic insurance included in the price. It often turns out  that the price of the car  does not include any insurance, a  rental companies do not accept insurance that has been sold to us by a broker.



Seemingly trivial, but we often forget to check the opinions of the rental company where we want to rent a car in addition to the apartment and hotel reviews. There you can learn a lot :)  Let's check her ratings, comments, opinions on the Internet,  on the website or fanpage, let's ask friends who may have some experience with car rental in Malaga or Spain.


It would seem that these are just a few basic points  but your stories show that we often forget about them in the heat of preparations. WITH  paying attention to them will surely protect them  against unpleasant surprises and help you plan a wonderful holiday :)