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A guide to Andalusia

Individual guided tours are the best way to learn about the history, culture, monuments, way of life and nooks and crannies of a city. This is the time when you really understand where you are and feel the advantages of a given city with your whole self.  

We offer individual tours with a Polish guide in all the most beautiful cities of Andalucia: Málaga, Rondo, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz. Our guides share with you their knowledge, experience of living in Andalusia, they will bring you the history, tell you about the most important attractions and curiosities of the city, the Andalusian lifestyle and reveal the city's greatest secrets;) What is more, they will not only make your time pleasant, but will make you love Andalusia just as much hard like us :)  


Our offer is addressed both to individual clients, couples,  families, smaller groups of friends as well as large organized groups, or

travel agencies and incentive agencies looking for support in organizing a trip to Andalusia.  


The best licensed, Polish-speaking guides are waiting for you! 

Do not hesitate and discover the gems of Andalusia with us :)  





Malaga Panoramic

Panoramic, about three-hour walk without entering the monuments in almost all the most important and the most beautiful corners of Malaga 


IMG_0957 2.jpg


Seville Express 

Panoramic, about four-hour walk without entering the monuments in almost all the most important and most beautiful parts of Seville. The program includes: the cathedral, the Alcázar palace (from the outside), the medieval district of Santa Cruz, the former cigar factory, the Spanish Square, the beautiful Maria Luisa Park, the American Square, the Expo 1929 zone, the Guadalquivir embankment, the Bullfight Arena (from the outside)

Historic Seville 

Approximately three-hour tour of the two most important monuments of Seville: the Cathedral with the Tomb of Columbus and the Royal Palace of Reales Alcázares. The program also includes visiting the former Jewish district of Santa Cruz. Entrance fees to the cathedral (€ 10 / person) and the palace (€ 14.5 / person)


Classic Seville 

Standard sightseeing in the capital of Andalusia, starting in the Spanish Square, then the medieval district of Santa Cruz, the former cigar factory and a visit to the Cathedral (option 3 hours) or to the Cathedral and the Royal Palace of Reales Alcázares (option 4 hours). Entrance fee to the cathedral (10 € / person) ) and the palace (€ 14.5 / person).


Seville in a nutshell 

Panoramic, about 7-8 hours walking around Seville combined with visiting the most important monuments (Alcazar, the cathedral and - on request also one of the oldest bullfight arenas in Spain). In the plan, in addition to the monuments, visiting the Santa Cruz district, the Guadalquivir coast with a copy of the Magellanic ship (from the outside), places related to the Carmen and the Barber of Seville, Spanish Square. The program includes a break for local tapas. Tickets cost (cathedral € 10 / person, Alcazar € 14.5 / person, bullfighting arena € 10 / person). 




Granada in a Pill

5h tour of the Alhambra and the city . During the visit, we will visit the palace and garden complex of the Alhambra, which has been at the top of the list of the most visited monuments in Spain for two years. In this famous fortress, we will see the Nasrid Palaces, Charles V Palace, the Alcazaba and the famous Generalfie Gardens. Then we will go to the city center to see that modern Granada is a place where you can see the intertwining of culture and religion, and Islam with Christianity to this day. During the walk, we will see the Cathedral from the outside, the famous Arabian bazaar Alcaiceria and the first university in the city from the 14th century. The cost of entering the Alhambra 14.50 € / person

Classic Granada

About 3 hours visiting either the Alhambra itself or the city itself.  

Granada Alternative 

About 3 hours visiting a centimeter of the city, Albaicin district and Sacromonte, where, among others, we will see how today's gypsies live in caves.  




3-hour walk, during which we will see, incl. Spanish Square,  The New Bridge - the symbol of Ronda, the house of John Bosco - the founder of the Salesian congregation, the town hall square and the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, which hides the remains of the former mosque. Next, the trip will take us to the Arena Corrida, one of the oldest bullfighting squares in Spain. Entry cost to the arena is 7 € / person




3h walk during which we will see the Roman Bridge that connects the Campo de la Verdad district with the Barrio de la Catedral. From here we will go to the Jewish quarter, the most famous part of the historic center of Cordoba. The highlight of the agenda is  Mezquita,  that is, the Great Mosque - the Cathedral, which is the best example of the coexistence of 3 cultures in one city - Jewish, Muslim and Catholic. The cost of entry to the Mezquita is € 11 / person. 



The OK 3-hour tour of Cadiz includes, among others entrance to the vantage point on the Tavira Tower, where camera oscura sessions are organized. It is a simple optical device that allows you to get to know the city from an interesting perspective. After the session, a walk through the atmospheric streets of the city, during which you will see the ruins of the Roman theater, a baroque cathedral, an exotic botanical garden and the place from where Christopher Columbus set off on two expeditions. Entry cost to Torre Tavira 6 € / person


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