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Breakfast in Málaga

I have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Raised in a traditional Polish family, I still remember the rich table where you could find everything, Sunday scrambled eggs prepared by my dad, or my mother's beautiful "colorful sandwiches" bent with kindness. Being "at home", weekend breakfasts began to be a celebration for me - long, lazy, practically always in pajamas and a book, awaited throughout the week. This is how it has been until today, but life in Spain has shown me that it can also be different;)


At first, I was surprised by the crowds in local bars, where it is noisy and crowded from 9:30 to 11:00. I was wondering who has time for this? As it turns out, everyone - on the way to work,

during a breakfast break, on the way to shopping, or just that way they start the day, because eating breakfast outside the home has become a permanent part of the culture of life of the Spaniards. I did not think that I would succumb to this style of behavior and it is not due to comfort or laziness - like the Spaniards, I discovered that it is an equally good time for a business meeting or with friends. But the most important thing at this moment of the day for me is "soaking up" the Spanish atmosphere, drawing energy from the place, the sun and the buzz of local residents.


A typical Spanish breakfast consists of coffee (very often served in glasses), orange juice and toast, or "tostados" served as a small baguette (pitufo), a croissant, or a baquette. The most popular ones that can be found almost everywhere are: tostada con aceite de oliva y tomate (toast with olive oil and fresh tomatoes in the form of a sauce), tostada con aceite de oliva y jamón ibérico (toast with olive oil and long-maturing ham), tostada con queso (toast with cheese), tostada con mantequilla y marmelada (toast with butter and jam). Tea is very rare on the menu, and in traditional places it will be mint or chamomile rather than regular Lipton.


Where to go for breakfast in Málaga? This is my subjective ranking of the 10+ best places where I visit myself regularly :) Why "plus"? Because it's getting harder and harder to lock yourself in the magic 10 :)

Top 10 places to have breakfast in Málaga

1. La Recova

The place is not visible to passers-by, because it is hidden in a narrow, side street, and it is also an ordinary shop with handmade crafts from Malaga and Andalusia. The restaurant is hidden inside, inconspicuously between shelves with jugs, jewelry and old furniture.


There is one breakfast offer, but rich and actually the only one in the city center. It includes coffee served with warm milk, a plate of fresh tomatoes, two toasted slices of country bread and a platter of pastes and jams. The pastes in question are sobrasada (typical Spanish sausage with paprika), mantecas con lomo (lard with pieces of tenderloin), pate, fish paste and jams: sweet potato, apple or apricot, plus seasonal fruit.

All this for € 2.50 per person.


You can find La Recova in Pasaje. Ntra. Shit. de los Dolores de San Juan 5. Map here.

2. Dulces Dreams & NicPic

It is both a hostel and a cafe with an interesting idea, a modern arrangement of both the rooms and the premises itself. It is one of the few places where we can eat breakfast on the Terrace.


The breakfast offer includes, apart from traditional croutons with olive oil and tomatoes (tostada co aceite de oliva y tomate), also those enriched with avocado or ricotta cheese with honey, as well as yoghurt with fruit and honey. I especially recommend ordering the completo breakfast: toast + yogurt with fruit + orange juice + coffee for € 5. Dulces Dreams can be found at Plaza de los Martires 6 - map here , next to the Los Martines church


Relatively recently a sister place - NicPic was opened . Same owner modern decor

and the same friendly atmosphere. The breakfast offer, however, is much richer, and the sets are not only typically Spanish, they have been enlarged with fruit salads, omelettes, and we can also eat croutons with fried eggs. NicPic can be found at Calle San Juan de Letran 9.


I have a great weakness for this type of place where good food mixes with a unique atmosphere,

And it's all thanks to their owners :) Desal has been open for only 2 months, and it has already stolen my heart and with a pure heart I put it on the 3rd place in my ranking;)


This place has everything a demanding gourmet needs - fresh and very good food, a much different and interesting offer, a cool interior, and above all a soul and passion. Particularly noteworthy here is the offer of sandwiches that I have not encountered anywhere else in Malaga. The combination of avocados, carrots and mangoes on one toast - wow madness! For such an extensive and original menu, it has very affordable prices - a complete breakfast (coffee, juice, toast) from € 4.10; only sophisticated sandwiches, which are a lunch proposition from € 6.10.


Desal is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. You will find them on Calle Nosquera 2 , near Dulces Dreams.

4. La Bella Julieta

The offer of the confectionery / cafe is very rich. You can enjoy not only the stomach but also the eye, because so many sweet delicacies here;) For breakfast, we can eat about 15 different types of toasts, in a traditional Spanish way - with cheese or ham in various variants and combinations.

Coffee from € 1.30, toasts from € 2.


La Bella Julieta can be found on Calle Puerta del Mar 20 , near Mercado Central.



5. Brunchit

Brunchit is a restaurant with an Italian soul, the philosophy of which is to convey the love of culture in flavors and Italian cuisine, preserving traditions and taking care of quality. Great attention is paid to natural and ecological products, which can be seen and felt in the dishes served. In addition, I will mention that the water with lemon and mint at the counter is served for free and you can pour it at will, which in hot Málaga is almost invaluable!


The breakfast menu is served as brunch. Typical Spanish can be found under the slogan Eco,

combined with yoghurt and fruit as a Combo. In addition, you will find more sophisticated sets with bacon, or in the New York version - toast with tomato, avocado, fried egg, plus coffee and orange juice - cost about 6/7 €.


You can find Organic Brunchit at Calle Carreteria 46.

7. Casa Aranda

Churros is a traditional deep-fried Spanish delicacy. Freshly fried churros are spiral-shaped, only served cut into smaller, sticky pieces.

The taste resembles a Polish donut, but dipped in chakolada makes it a unique Spanish specialty. It is usually a breakfast set, especially popular in winter and on cold days. However, the locals love it so much that the churrerias are filled to the brim for days :)


One such place is Casa Aranda, which is probably the most famous and most visited churreria in Malaga. The 75-year-old tradition and good location in the city center attract not only tourists but also native malaguenos.


Casa Arande can be found near Mercado Central on Calle Herrería del Rey 1. Map here.

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