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Intensive Spanish language course

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There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to go to his  home country and the possibility of communing with its inhabitants,  learning about culture, history and  mores. If you can combine study with relaxation, sun,  relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea is the best way  for a trip, an idea for a vacation, preparation for  exams,  or detachment from reality.


Take advantage of our course and practice Spanish in Malaga, gain international acquaintance, enjoy the full sun and combine business with pleasure :)  


Why is it worth signing up for a course via our website? 

MyMalaga.PL is a representative of the CILE Academy on the Polish market. By registering through our website, you do not bear  no hidden fees. We guarantee you the lowest  prices, a  Additionally  you get free support from a Polish resident on the spot .  


The course is intended for everyone from the age of 16 (except for organized groups). No matter if you are a student, a student, a working person or a retired person!  


You should also know that one month of intensive course at Academia Cile is equivalent to the one-year curriculum at Polish language schools.  It's easy! One month is one level of advancement!  Are you still wondering? ;) 

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Academia CILE  this  International  Spanish Language Center with over 25 years of experience in teaching foreign students. The school is located  in itself  the center of Málaga, only  10 minutes from the beach.


Depending on your needs, CILE offers  various types of courses at all levels of advancement from A1 to C2.   What is more, apart from learning, the school offers  extra-curricular activities such as visiting museums, learning flamenco and excursions. Moreover, anyone who apart from learning Spanish  he wants to spend his time actively, he has a choice  courses combined with sailing and driving lessons  horse riding, tennis, golf  and other ;) 

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source: Pinterest

Price list


The price of the course depends on the type of course you choose  and quantity  weeks of study. The longer you stay  with us, the more attractive the price will be, and  the following weeks are getting cheaper;)


Most importantly, we have attractive and special offers for groups of over 15 people and school groups. 

Accommodationand Transfer from the Airport


We offer our students accommodation in apartments with selected Spanish families,  in rooms 1 or  2-person, with meals.  It is proven  way  for daily practice 

language and learning about Spanish customs.  Moreover, according to the students' wishes, we are also accommodated in  apartments shared with other students, or we propose a place in independent apartments.

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