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This is a place that I have created for people who want to visit Malaga and Andalusia and whose which dream is to feel the Spanish atmosphere, culture and get to know all its charms with all of yourself.


It is also a place that I would like to become a source of inspiration for both those who are in Malaga "for a while" and for its permanent residents.


This is not, and never will be, a simple guide. I want to take you to places that you simply have to see, have a soul and those, about which as an ordinary tourist, you would never know. will help you make your dreams unforgettable memories and turn the gray reality into moments full of sunshine and carefree.


This is a website, or rather a portal, still imperfect and constantly updated. I would like you to find answers to all your questions here, to find everything here that will help you organize your trip to the Costa del Sol.


It is my view of the places, people, objects that surround me and live. This is my heart that I would like to share with you every day. This is me, but also the people who create this portal with me every day - my colleagues and friends.


Get inspired and feel! that you are in a place where you should be :)

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