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Antigua Casa de Guardia

Antigua Bodega de Guardia Case is the oldest wine bar in Malaga, which still retains its original decor, customs and climate. It is a place where time has stopped, so that feel like in the old, traditional Spain :) 


Wine Bar was founded in 1840. by D. Jose de la Guardia, from which preserved its name. Passed down from generation to generation operates today in the intact condition. 


You'll find there wine sweet, young and mature, as Pajarete, guinda, Moscatel Seco Trasanejo, Lagrima Anejo, Pedro Ximenes, which are produced in local vineyards. Their flavor certainly fathom served in the traditional manner, seafood - shrimp, mussels. Life goes on here at the local bar as 170 years ago, and the bills still are written in chalk on the bar counter. 


It is said that Malaga has two Cathedral  - the first is the Church, the second is the winery Antigua casa de Guardia;) 


This is one of the most authentic places in Malaga you will find on Calle Alameda 18, a map here.




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