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Cafe Central

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Did you know that Malaga is the only city in Spain where you can order coffee until 9 ways!?

And it's all because of one of the most popular and oldest café on the Plaza de la Constitucion - Cafe Central.


All began in 1954.when the three cafes Swiss Cafe, Cafe Central, Cafe Munich joined to form Cafe Central, as we know it today, and its owner D. Jose Prado created the original method of administration of coffee based on a system of measurement. As a measure was a finger, because residents often ordering coffee an Andalusian phrase "un dedo de café" which showed quantity of coffee to a height of one finger. This caused quite confusion, and that inspired D.Jose Prado to standardize a system based on the tastes of their clients and creating a unique opportunities to order coffee. Thus today, according to the briefings hanging out, we can drink a coffee in an unprecedented way anywhere else. Types of coffee will explain to you this is a movie.


Cafe Central is a place worth a visit for every tourist who wants to know Spanish customs and history, as the coffee you drank 70 years ago has not changed to this day, still, coming from the same supplier. It is also a good place to taste the typical regional dishes (perfect for breakfast, luch and dinner) because the Cafe Central, it is also a restaurant and patisserie.


The cafe is located on the corner of Calle Sta Maria from the Plaza de la Constitucion.

Map here.Thanks to its ideal location, coffee enriched with atmosphere of Malaga and views. Moreover, here the history is mixed with modernity, because the interior of Cafe Central is unchanged over the years, which allows us to feel like in the old Spain.


In addition, only a few days ago cafe has been enriched with Cafe Express, where we ordered our favorite coffee to go. This proves the fact that today Cafe Central, still run by the family of the creator of the original method of serving coffee, takes care of its customers, adapting to their needs.


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