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Caminito del rey

Open on 28th March  "Path of the King" is currently the biggest attraction of Malaga and the most awaited event of the year.
Closed for several years and renovated for bagatelles more than 7 million route makes an electrifying impression and should be on one of the first places your walk around Andalusia :)
The trail runs along the steep walls of limestone gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (located near El Chorro) was built in the years 1901- 1905. In order to transport materials and people of the two companies building the dam, who needed a road connecting the inlet and outlet of the ravine. Unconfirmed sources say that it was built by prisoners sentenced to death. In 1920. ii trail run hydroelectric Conde del Guadalhorce was inaugarated by King Alfonso XIII, who was the first to pass this dangerous route, which led to the name of the Camino del Rey - "Path of the King".
It should be notice that both rock cwalls, between which the river flows the Guadalhorce, have more than 100 m. Height, making it one of the steepest rock gorges in Europe. I was the most dangerous place in the world attracted for many lovers of adrenaline and mountain climbing . However the material used to build the path - sand, cement and metal - did not survive the test of time and route began to deteriorate, and after several years, many sections of the trail collapsed into the abyss, leaving a single steel brackets embedded in the rock. Although this did not deter daredevils who want to cover the route, which resulted in five fatal accidents. Therefore the Andalusian authorities decided to close the route and the entrance was punishable by severe penalties.
The reform of the Caminito del Rey talked for a long time, finally Malaga authorities decided to cover the cost of renovation of this property - more than 5.5 million euros, 2.2 million euros was covered Caminito, the rest was earmarked for other expenses related to the adaptation of the area. Old Caminito was left intact, as the new path consisting mainly of wooden panels and brackets drilled in the rock, was located just above it. In addition, the route was expanded to include glass plates and suspended at a height of 100m above the gorge bridge connecting the two sides Balconcillo de los Gaitanes.
Tickets can be purchased on the official website of the Caminito del Rey, which for the first 6 months are free, then the cost for 1 person will be 6 euros. Tourists are admitted on the route every half hour and it can also stay on it for 400 people. It is true that a lot of people complaining that tickets sold out within a few days, but their large number of private groups, which for a small fee in their offer Caminito del Rey and give tours along the route with a guide. Write me give more details ;)
I have to admit that the route made a huge impression on me. It was an amazing feeling alone take pictures of places that until recently admired the Piinterest e and have been a distant dream :)
Thats whye this is probably my biggest gallery of the site ;) Spectacular views, breathtaking cliffs and carved in the rock railway. It simply must see! :D No doubt one of my favorite places, after which the memories stay with me for a long time :)

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