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Casa Aranda

Churros dipped in hot, dense chocolate, is one of those custom that every tourist must experience. Casa Aranda is in turn one of those places in Malaga that everyone simply must visit to experience the Spanish tastes and lifestyle.

Churros, a traditional Spanish delicacy get cooked in deep fat. Freshly fried churros have the shape of a spiral, and only served cut into smaller, slender pieces. The taste resembles Polish donut, but dipping in chocolate makes it unique Spanish delicacy. It is usually set breakfast, pleasing, especially in winter and in cold weather. However, the residents love it enough that churrerias are filled to the brim all day :)

One of this place is the Casa Aranda, which is probably the best known and most frequently visited Churreria in Malaga. 75 - year tradition and a good location in the city center attracts not only tourists, but also malaguenos. You could say that here time has stopped, because the interior clearly indicate a long-term activity, in turn, taste churros demonstrates traditional, rue Spanish cuisine.

Unit Price: 0.45 cent; A cup of chocolate: 1,50 €

Casa Aranda found on Calle Herrería del Rey 1. Map here.
I would recommend to anyone who not only likes to start the day from the sweet breakfast, but likes to explore space through the prism of the local cuisine ;) Casa Aranda sure you "get a taste")

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