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Catedral Del Pescaito 

If you're a fan of seafood, or just want to try them, you will not find a better place in Malaga, as the Catedral del Pescaito.


Catedral del Pescaito is a small, completely inconspicuous little restaurant located in a side street  from the Cathedral. It might seem that it is a classic, local tapas bar, not distinguishing among the many equal in this area. But I think this is one of the best restaurants in the city and one of the best proposal of Spanish cuisine.


A long time I was looking places in Malaga, where I could get to like the seafood, where the squids are not only tasteless and rubbery rings and shrimp poured old grease. This place is completely disenchanted earlier failed attempts tasting them, so now the Catedral del Pescaito I can recommend to anyone who wants to taste the seafood for the first time, or loves them for a long time.


Catedral del Pescaito inter alia offers melt in your mouth squids (calamares), shrimps cooked in an amazing sauce (gambas pil - pil) and grilled octopus (pulpo plancha), not only the impressive appearance, but also the taste. All served seafood and fish are fresh and the dishes prepared in the traditional, homemade way .


This is not a typical tourist tapas bar, even you can meet only natives of Malaga. It is also not a place that would attract the décor - although cinema styling is quite unusual and the collection of film gadgets is impressive. However, this is a place that guarantees tasty food and surely you'll like it, and the kitchen will impress You for a long time ;)


Catedral del Pescaito find on Calle Duque de la Victoria. Map here.


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