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Malaga Cathedral

Malaga is a days filled with sun, sea, sardines and flamenco. However, the symbol of Malaga can be called the Cathedral of the Incarnation (Santa Iglesia Catedral Basilica de la Encarnación), which proudly dominates over all the buildings of the city.


The cathedral was built between the sixteenth and eighteenth century according to plans by Diego de Siloé at the site of the main mosque of Malaga. Lovingly called her "La Manquita" which loosely translated means "the one-armed lady". The original design assumed the construction of the two towers, but lack of funds prevented development and to this day haven't been taken to continue the work. Spite of everything Catedral is the tallest building in Malaga and development plans of the city prohibit rising higher objects from her.


From an architectural point of view, the Renaissance building of the temple is a true combination of styles - from Gothic delineated in northern gates (Portada de Iglesia del Sagrario), through the renaissance interiors until the late Baroque, which is visible in the interior headroom and the main facade.

Particularly important are also seventeenth-century Baroque organ and choir, where 40 of 58 wooden figures were made by the famous sculptor Pedro de Mena. In turn in the vault, you can see the image of Luis Morales Our Lady of Sorrows.


The cathedral can be visited from Monday to Saturday, ticket price of 5 euros, students 3 euros. However, I suggest you go to the temple on Sundays at one of the Spanish Mass, which may prove to be not only interesting but also a cultural sensation spiritual, withouth mention about a few saved penny ;)


Catedral de Malaga can be found on Calle Molina Lario 9. Map here.

However, being in the city center it is hard not to notice, not considering the point at which you will find :)

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