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Chiringuito Tropicana

Chiringuito, it another way, a small restaurant located on the beach, which serves Spanish cuisine, in particular this local.


In Malaga on the beach Malagueta you will find many chiringuitos, located from each other every few meters. One of the most famous and very popular with tourists is Chiringuito Tropicana. Among other really stand out decor and atmosphere that creates, as well as the diversity the dishes served. White and modern interior design and tropical umbrellas around creating exotic and tropical atmosphere, attracting not just one person.


In any chiringuito worth a try fish (eg delicious dorade), seafood (shrimp, squid, octopus) and Spanish coolers (gazpacho, porra). It is worth mentioning that Malaga is famous for its fried on the fire sardines (Espeto de Sardinas), prepared in furnaces placed in boats (read more here).


Chiringuito Tropicana is located in the western part of the beach (the inscription Malagueta). Map here.


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