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 El Ultimo Mono



It is certainly not a typical Spanish cafeteria, or another of all the similar places.

One can't deny that El Ultimo Mono is in Malaga place just unique and inimitable.



Well, two positively crazy guys created a truly European eatery, that has nothing in common with Spanish tradition or taste. They create this friendly atmosphere, almost "buddy" like -  everytime starting fruitful conversation. The responsibility of the aura around this place takes its decor interior. Unconventional, modern design makes you just want to be there, spending time with friends and drinking coffee in the living room of your dreams. What's more  you can not pass by El Ultimo Mono indifferently since all the windows of this coffe place "speak" to you with intriguing and motivational phrases, arousing at the same time curiosity and imagination.


The most of all, you always come back there because of the "flavors" that they serve. Freshly squeezed juices in various forms turn out to be the perfect refreshment on hot days. Homemade sandwich, wrappers or fruit salad ... sure to appeal to anyone who needs a quick and tasty snack. In contrast, coffee, mandatory with homemade muffins (the best in the whole Malaga, and every time different one) is ideal for all - Sunday stroll, taking a break during the day with a book or chilling with friends.


For me it's magnetic place with a soul. I can't deny that this is one of my favorites spots that make Malaga feel just like home :)


El Ultimo Mono can be found on the corner of Calle Santa Maria and Calle Sanchez Pastor (near Plaza Constitucion, on the way to the Cathedral) see here.


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