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Feria De Malaga


Feria de Malaga is one of the most important holidays socio - cultural in Malaga, starting in the second week of August and intensely celebrated by 9 days.


Its beginnings originate from commemorate the inclusion Malaga of the Spanish crown by the Catholic Monarchs, who came to the city on August 19, 1487. A few years later (1491r.) City Council established the ceremony, which over the years grew in holding strength to become a big summer festival in southern Spain.


The inaguracion of feria takes place on the beach Malagueta, where at midnight there is an impressive show of fireworks to then start live guest stars. The next day, it's just one big, never-ending fiesta :)


For hours. 18  p.m. all events and accompanying traditional Spanish music event, carriages Roma or mainly drinking white, sweet wine Cartojal take place in the Historical Center of the city. In turn, the evening fun moves to specially created for those days the town Feria Real. To celebrate the early morning of both Spanish dressed up in traditional costumes, as well as tourists come in large numbers using the attractions funfair, dancing, drinking and eating the Regional delights in thematic tents - casetach, which are owned by the city, major companies, associations and organizations, and sometimes rich families.


This is also the time when takes place "Feria de Agosto Taurina", in other words the famous Spanish bullfighting. Andalusia is one of the few places in Spain, where bullfighting to this day have not been prohibited, even they are cultivated, and the bullfighters are loved by the crowds. The first week is always a fight beginners matadors, which show entrance is for free. This is followed by a real bullfighting, and most famous bullfighters.


Feria de Malaga is a true mix of modernity and tradition of the region. This event is literally for everyone, because celebrate young and old. To celebrate all day and keep up with the Spanish must have a real condition of :) Therefore the celebration of public holidays especially encourage those who want to at this time throw a stag and hen parties - you will not find a better time ;) Look video.



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