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Frigiliana is a charming white town situated in the mountain range of Sierra Almijara about 60 km from Malaga and just 11 km from the town Nerja.


As the historical relics of the city show was probably built by Fenicians, and the name derives from an unidentified sign of the Roman Frexinius and -Ana, which together may represent the ancestral seat. During the development of the city streets and houses were built tightly and in such a way that, the territory could close the gate, thus creating unavailable area.


Frigiliana is one of the most authentic examples of traditional Arabic architecture in Spain. However the city has received many awards for maintenance of traditional buildings ,care for multicultural heritage and for the taking care of beauty of their town.


Today this small town is created by white villas picturesquely situated on the slopes of the mountains and narrow streets with steep stairs climbing up the rocky slopes, surrounded by palm trees and flowers.


In August, takes place here Festival of Three Cultures to commemorate the historical coexistence of Christians, Muslims and Jews. The most important event is the "Battle of the Rock of Frigiliana," which took place in 1569., During which Christians won against the Moors, which lost one of the last of its headquarters in Spain.


What Frgilianie certainly worth seeing is the old town, the Church of San Antonio, Castle of Lizard, Archaeological Museum, or just a beautiful white houses and narrow streets overflowing with flowers on a true Spanish style.


For Polish tourists or compatriots permanently residing in Spain a great attraction will be a real Polish restaurant "Sal Pimienta" with traditional Polish cuisine, which I highly recommend! Map here.


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