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La Surena 

For those who in Malaga wants to go out for a small, quick beer with friends, I have ideal place for you. La Surena is both beerhouse and tapas bar in true sailor style.


This "cerveceria" offers its customers a bucket filled with ice and four or five bottles of chilled beer, depending on the type of selection. In addition, you should order the specialty of La Surena, shrimps that are worth recommending.


It is necessary to mention, that every Tuesday a plate from menu (such as french fries, potato tortilla) which normally costs 3 euros, ordered to the bucket of beers will cost you only 0.50 euro. Moreover every Thursday and Sunday a second plate from the menu for 6 euros (e.g. shrimps, squid) costs you half the price.


La Surena can be found in a side street which deviates from the Plaza Constitucion (map here), and also at the Port, where it can be a bit crowdy and noisy.

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