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Surely everyone who comes to Spain looking for places where might taste the traditional tapas or feel real Spanish atmosphere. In Malaga there is a lot of places, but Cerveceria Los Gatos tapas bar is exceptional in every way.


Name related with the colloquial term the Spanish from Madrid- "gatos" (malaguenos in turn are boquerones and people from Barcelona Attention - los polacos). Just in the capital 30 years ago opened the first Los Gatos, and in April 2012. the owner, Miguel decided to return to his hometown and repeat his success in Malaga.


In the card you will find tapas typical of the region (seafood croquettes, jamon, chips with egg), but unprecedented in any other place are canapas, or served under a different form of gourmet sandwiches with seafood, meat and cheese

(I recommend especially goat cheese with caramelized onion ;). Based on my experience suggests that larger groups procure mix 6 or 12 canapes. We never know what sandwiches are given to us so you can learn more about Spanish cuisine and flavors.


Besides the great delights of Los Gatos, is especially a real Spanish atmosphere. The climate of this place make themselves waiters who are always friendly and talkative. In addition, importance of here is décor, reminiscent of the old days Taberna, with pictures of historical Málaga, and a huge bull located between the chairs. It's hard to get a table after hours 22:00, but like anywhere else it is worth to wait for him. As well as having an intimate secluded place, because in a typical local venues can be felt that Spanish are very loud nation .


Each meeting in Los Gatos, is like a real adventure with Spain, which always ends with a glass of champagne and sweets, served at the cost of the property.

Guarantees that the place enchant you and you leave charmed and delighted :)


Los Gatos will find the Plaza Uncibay 9 Map here.

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