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I can honestly say that this is another unique spot with good, organic food and climate décor. That is what I like the most ;)


Noviembre is referred as "Tu Lugar" (your place) and I think that it's a perfect match. I've been passing by this place many times and it have always caught my attention with Scandinavian inner, quite different from typical Spanish eatery. Even so it has never been my way, and going in search of "some" restaurant, has always been closer to everywhere else, just not here. From the moment when I went there the first time, this is another of "my place" in Malaga.


I would recommend to anyone looking firstly a restaurant, where you can eat a breakfast other than those typical Spanish ones. Noviembre serves a "rich", interesting sets for a low price. I also recommend to anyone for whom seafood simply got bored or wants to eat something "different". Being a fan of salads, "healthy" burgers or smoothies you will definitely feel like at home. ;) You will find here excellent coffee with dessert, good music and friendly service. All the flavors combinations offered at Noviembre will surprise many of you. What is important ... from Sunday to Thursday evening time you get the second burger in half price.


You will find Noviembre on the corner of Calle Alamos and Calle Casapalma, on the way to Cervantes Theatre (map here).

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