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Port Malaga

The second largest port in Spain, which has been expanded in the past few years, plays several functions, thus deserves your attention.


First of all Puerto de Malaga invites us with beautifull promenade, acting as the perfect shelter on hot days, and thus also one of the favorite destinations of its residents for walks or bike rides. In addition its considerable part consists of a shopping malls with various cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques. If you want to have a good time, grab a bite and at the same time soak breathtaking views of Malaga, the port is the best place for this.

Moreover, it is also a marina, here the largest cruise ships arrive, arousing curiosity and

a desire to set out on an expedition. Thanks to the location it is an important fishing port and commercial, along with the shipyard and naval base.


Following along the port we find the parks, playgrounds, moored yachts, and (to the surprise of many people) a chapel built in 1732, which like a house from the Inception movie emerges suddenly in the midst of a modern city. It is a testament to what Malaga really is - the history mixes with modernity.


Port is a lovely (slightly longer) route to a beach called Malagueta,  Chiringuitos (small eatery on the beach) and most of all the Mediterranean. However, a little earlier we find the lighthouse, the only one in Spain got female name - La Farola. It was built in 1817

and to this day serves to the ones at sea. It's also one of the best vantage points.

Anyone who comes here I would recommend that in the pursuit of respite and water, to stop at this place for a moment and just turn around to see Malaga in all its glory.  


One can't deny that the Puerto de Malaga is a must for a trip. Everyone will find here something for himself - a favorite place for a walk, good lunch with views, unusual boutiques and mini gym in the fresh air, a place to drink with friends at evening time,

or a boat ride. 

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