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Ronda, called the "white city", is one of the most interesting places in Andalusia, which can not be missed when selecting the Costa del Sol for vacation journey.


The city located in the province of Malaga is one of the oldest in Spain, and thanks to its location has been ideal stronghold of his time, acting as capital city of Islamic kingdom until 1485.


Unusual scenic beauty provides Ronda her position on both sides of the rocky gorge of the river Geadalevin, called El Taji. Deep on 180 and 90 meters wide, divides the city into two parts - from the south the former arab old city - Ciudad, and from the north the neighborhood founded by Christians - Mercadillo. Their edges combines extraordinary and a truly impressive 100-meter arch "new bridge" Puente Nuevo. Built in the eighteenth century under its central span is a room (now the tourist information office) in ancient times used as a prison from which escape seemed to be impossible. See up close here;)


Moreover, in the Christian neighborhood Mercadillo's there is the most famous building next to the Puente Nuevo, the bullring Real Maestranza de Caballería. This is one of the oldest bullring in Spain, which is the cradle of bullfighting, where all the rules were created.


The other attractions of the city are well preserve Arab Baths (Banos Arabes) and built in 1314r. residence of the Moorish king - Palacio de Mondragon.


Ronda is only about 100 km from Malaga, which you can visit on a day trip by train for the price of 22, 80 euros  (leaving station at 10.05 and return 16.50) - you can buy tickets here.

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