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Sierra Nevada



Sierra Nevada, it's in Spain a place so amazing that it will be difficult for me to describe it only in a few words, or using pictures to show you the true beauty of this place.


Just two hours drive from Malaga, you can move into a completely different - in my opinion - a fairytale world. Even the road itself, the accompanying scenery and true stiff curves bring the mountains climate. The goal of the expedition is located at an altitude of 2100 m Pradollano town, which is the heart of a station with more than 100 pistes and 100km of slopes with different levels of difficulty. That is the place where first you'll leave your car in a parking garage, buy a ski-pass for all lifts (price: 45 euros), and also find ski schools, or  equipment rental (price range between 10 euros and 19 euros).


The two gondolas take you to the central point of the ski station, which is Borreguiles, where start all the chairlifts. Here you'll find great views of runs, crowds of excited fans of winter sports, restaurants and the unique atmosphere of the resort-filled with winter sun. Anyone at different level of skiing or snowboarding, will definitelly find something for himself and will be certainly delighted.

Routes are prepared at the top level, and there are so many of them that, despite the large number of visitors, you will not waste time standing in queues for the lifts. The charm to this place adds also a cloudless sky, the Spanish sun (need to protect with high factor sun creams) and atmosphere that gives pleasant rest on the fresh air.


Sierra Nevada is one of the best and most phenomenal places for winter follies.

I promise you won't regret it! :)

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