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accommodation in an apartment in selected Spanish family

One of the best ways to know the language, the country and its customs is an apartment together with his compatriots. Cile Academy offers accommodation with specially selected Spanish family in rooms 1 person or 2 persons with half board (breakfast, dinner) or full (breakfast, lunch, dinner).


accommodation in a shared apartment

Students from our school have also choice of accommodation in the apartments shared with other students. The apartments offer is divided into two types: Type B is located 10 minutes away from the school, while the flat type A is located much further (to 20 min away). Students have a choice of accommodation in rooms 1 person, or sharing it with another person.



accommodation in a separate apartment

Academy Cile also offers accomodation in separate apartments, designed only for one person or two.





Full care of resident 
Airport shuttle

We offer a shuttle service from the airport i.e. transfer of person from the airport, transportation to the address of  accommodation, possible assistance for accommodation and  transportation back to the airport at the day of departure. Everything is done under the supervision of qualified resident.

Flight booking and organization of 

For those who, want to entrust us with organization of full trip we offer:

  • flight booking

  • shuttle service from airport 

  • accomodation assistance

  • city recognition

  • full care of qualified resident

  • emergency contact

  • shuttle service at the day of departure.

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