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Start date of the course:

11.01 ;21.01; 08.02; 22.02; 07.03; 21.03; 04.04; 03.05; 16.05; 30.05; 13.06; 27.06; 11.07; 25.07;  08.08; 22.08; 05.09; 19.09; 03.10; 17.10; 31.10; 07.11; 21.11.; 05.12.2016r.

*Students with previous knowledge of Spanish can start every monday of the year (except bank holidays)

Standard course

Each course starts at. 10 am and ends at. 13.30 with a thirty minute break. The standard course consists of four hours of school lessons, namely 1.5 h grammar and 1.5 h conversation, each with a different teacher. Thus in one day you have contact with the reading, listening, writing and speaking, and definitely practicing the language. Lessons are conducted only in Spanish, hence you will begin to understand and speak Spanish faster. In addition, the group consists of up to 8 people from around the world, making it easier to facilitate the rapid assimilation of knowledge, and also allows you to make international friendship. No English language school will give you as much as a standard language course in Spain.

Intensive course

Intensive course is in other words standard course connected with 2 extra lessons of intensive learning, that is 6 lessons in one day (1.5 hours of intensive study, 1.5 h 1.5 h grammar and conversation) in groups of 6/8 persons. It is ideal for those who expect faster results in less time than what's in the standard course.  











Super intensice course I / II 

If you need more attention and dedication of the teacher, we encourage you to subscribe for Super Intensive Course I, which consists of 5 lessons during the day. The difference lies in the fact that apart from the standard course lessons you gain 1 extra private lessons (45 min), alone with the teacher. If this is still not enough for you, we offer Super Intensive Course II, which consists of 4 lessons Standard Course and 2 private lessons.



Preparation course for DELE exam (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera)

"DELE" is a general exam for foreigners organized by the Cervantes Institute three times a year (May, August, November). Cile Academy offers special 2 - weeks, or 4 - weeks exam preparation courses, which consist of 4 or 6 lessons during their day. The exam can be taken both in Malaga, as in many places in the world.



Combined course "Spanish & Sport" 

This course is ideal for those who like to combine learning with activity, or want to learn a another sport discipline. 2 - weeks or 4 - weeks standard spanish course  (4 lessons during the day) is connected with practicing the chosen activity. To choose from:

  • sailing - 15 hours

  • diving (course for beginners) - 15 hours during 2 weeks of course

  • golf - 2 hours per week of private classes of golf

  • horse riding - 2 hours in week + 1 hour per week of show 

  • tennis - 2 hourse per week of private classes 

  • Judo

Special courses and private classes

Anyone who needs only to grind the language, or looking for an opportunity to practice can take advantage of the offer of private lessons. In contrast, special courses has been prepared with focus on specific areas, or for specific groups of people. The course can be combined with 2 or 4 lessons of Standard Course.

To choose from:

  • Spanish for lawyers

  • Bussiness spanish

  • Spanish for tourists 

  • Spanish for airline employees

  • Course of knowledge of Spain (history, art, literature, holidays) 

Part-time course

For those who want to practice and grind only specific part of the language course e.g. only grammar or only conversations


If you have any questions or want more information then  Write to ME



  • qualified and experienced native speakers

  • high level of education combined with fun

  • education at all levels from A1 to C2

  • one proficiency level in one month

  • extracurricular activity thanks to which you better know Spain

  • lowest prices in the city

  • certificate of course completion  


  • course in small groups with students from all over the world

  • free training materials

  • accommodation with a Spanish family or in an apartment

  • transfer from airport to accommodation and back

  • English speaking resident care on site 

*Days withouth classes (holidays):

29.02; 24.03; 25.03; 02.05; 15.08; 19.08; 08.09; 12.10; 01.11; 06 i 08.12.2016r.

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