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Teatro Romano

Ruins of Roman theater in Malaga, lying at the foot of the Spanish-Moorish fortress of Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castle, can become for you an interesting stop while walking, a charming place where you breathe reading a book, or the point where you just want to come back frequently and admire.


The theater was built in the first century BC during the reign of Augustus and served the people untill the third century of our era. It was discovered only in 1951.


Since 2002, the Roman Theatre in Malaga is part of the archaeological project whose aim is to study its ancient roots and enabling residents and tourists exploring and experience the history. To make this happen it was built a new Visitors' Centre in the form of a pavilion with an area of ​​172 square meters, which serves two basic functions: collect and present the results of archaeological research in a form accessible to a wide audience, and provide support for research. Few people know from arriving tourists that the entrance to the Centre is free of charge, and it is worth to look at it even if only to get a close up of the remnants of Roman history. 


One should also return to see Theatre Romano in the evening. Illuminated walls of the Alcazaba and the ancient ruins together form an incredibly charming aura.

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