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terrace hotel marriott

Few tourists know that Malaga is a "city of terraces." Climate and days overcrowded with sun foster the creation on the roofs of buildings bars, terraces, viewpoints, or public gardens with swimming pools. The inhabitants fill them with flowers, parasols, or even swimming pools, arranging the perfect place to relax. The other hand hotels organize another attractions for its guests, (thankfully) making them also for the rest of the tourists.


One of these places is the Hotel Marriott (Hotel Malaga Palace).

Located on the 15th floor restaurant with bar and swimming pool for guests and a communal terrace is one of the best (in my opinion) viewpoints Malaga. The hotel is located in the vicinity of the Cathedral, and also close to the port, tanks it the panorama of the cityis impressive.


I especially recommend to go to the terrace around the upcoming sunset. Thanks to this we will be able to enjoy the city, both in daylight and in the rays of the setting sun (this view will delight not just one person), and will also see Malaga lit at night.


Made available for tourists and residents terrace is mainly a bar, so do not forget to enjoy the views with a glass of wine or a drink;)


Marriott Hotel can be found on Calle del Muelle Cortina (next to the Cathedral)

Map here.


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