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Terraza el Balneario 




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Restaurant - Terraza El Balneario, formerly known as the Baños del Carmen is a place that impresses climate, sights and history, which creeps in here and reminds about yourself in every step.


Los Baños del Carmen (Carmen baths) were built in 1918 as a recreational area for the upper classes of the time. Then the baths were separated for men and women , which made difficult to view, but Baños del Carmen was the first to abolish this practice. In 1920 were built the pier and video projection screen, which over time enhanced by additional restaurant, a defunct gate and a tennis courtwhere was the first tennis tournament in Malaga. In 1922 the building was equipped with the first football stadium, which existed until 1941. The resort has also a great venue for concerts, festivals, and the famous summer nights filled with dance. At over 2000 square meters in one night was able to play approx 12 thousand people, including more than 400 pairs of dancing on the dance floor.


Today after the former glory of the resort unfortunately exist only not restored building, while the park, tennis courts and other facilities have been destroyed. In 2010 the city tried to take on a reconstruction, but with little success, so that the object went into private hands.


Terrazo El Balneario is the perfect place for a romantic dinner at sunset or sunday lunch filled coastal scenery. Development of the building and services, unfortunately, they are dont ssatisfying which fortunately compensates good food (especially recommend the salads and meat dishes), great views and the climate.


Baños del Carmen is located on the beach along Calle Bolivia. Map here.

For those who want to see the restaurant without leaving your home see video.

In turn, those of you who want to know Malaga from the past and the history of Baños del Carmen captured in the shot recommend page.


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