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The proposal specially prepared for those who want to combine participation in Standard Spanish Course  (3 hours per day) with the course of photography.

The offer is ideal for all photography enthusiasts, amateurs, and lovers to take pictures of beautiful landscapes and Spanish nature.


This course focuses on the most important areas of photography - travel, landscapes, nature, architecture, portraits and night photography. The participant will know the basic principles of landscape photography and the place adored by professionals and enthusiasts. In addition will visit the province of Malaga and will be able to photograph the breathtaking sunsets, wildlife, and places unknown.


Classes are taught by experienced photographers that organize trips for photography enthusiasts and professionals.


Learn Spanish, explore the most important techniques of professional photography

and grasp with Us most beautiful places of Andalusia! :)



6 Hours - Price 60 euro

The activity can be done in one trip - 6 hours or over two trips a week for three hours.



12 Hours - Proce 120 euro

The course carried out over two trips a week - 6 hours, or three trips a week for four hours.






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