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Dulces Dreams



As the culture of drinking coffee in Spain is as strong as in Italy, in Malaga are a lot of places where you can savour or sip it after every meal. However not all are as charming as Dulces Dreams - Cafe Gallery and Hostel.

It is both - hostel and a cafe with an interesting idea, a modern arrangement of both the rooms and the commercial space. It also a small gallery and cafe bar with incredible positive energy. It is also another cool place on my list (after El Ultimo Mono, Noviembre and Recyclo Bike Cafe).

You will drink there some coffee or batido. You will eat breakfast or luch, toast, colorful sandwiches and salads. You will delight the homemade cakes and muffins.

 What convinces me to this place its calm, sunshine and soft music in the background

(I admit, not once I was running the loudspeakers to check flying track;) The small square around coffe house allows cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city center and sometimes easy to forget that You are in the lively and loud Spain. Here you can easily catch the breath and a smile on Your face - I do not know why - because of the positive energy of this place, luminance interior or coffee drunk in the sun.

Dulces Dreams You can find on the Plaza de los Martires 6 - map here, next to the church of Los Martines. And if You would like to reserve the room I recommend their web.

Tempted to Dulces dreams and find what is in Malaga best - good coffee, energy and the sun;)

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