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El Rincon del Queso 

There are places in Malaga, where you can meet authentic Spanish openness and warmth of people who live here. There are some where you always get a dose of positive energy, through conversation or atmosphere of the place (see the unique El Ultimo Mono) And there are those that will make you feel just like home, like in a small village, where everyone know You ;) All this and much more you will find in El Rincon del Queso .... in (not) simple a shop with traditional Spanish dishes.


Every tourist (about the residents of other countries not to mention) should get to know what is in Spain / Malaga the best ,namely tastes that hide local cheese, ham, jamon, or wine. We can practically taste them in every restaurant, but if you want to try something more, buy and take on a trip there is no better shop - restaurant, like El Rincon del Queso.


Initially it was a small shop, which over time has been moved to another place and increased by a small diner, because the number of people coming for shopping, as well as who sit there for hours did not fit into a small room. You will not find this place in guidebooks or rankings of the most popular places in Malaga, know him only as the local residents (as evidenced by the crowds of people). You will not find there the waiters service staff, at the end of is a simple shop operated by a grandfather (unfortunately still do not know the name, because for me it was always grandfather shop ;) But you can not call it "regular" store, where you are supported as everywhere. Here everyone is individually customer treated like old friend, with whom you can talk, joke, drink a glass of wine and eat a piece of cheese. Here all the unique atmosphere, the Spanish climate, the volcano of positive energy and openness introduces one always smiling man - one man band, which serves customers at the tables, at the counter, give wine-based soup (delicious ;) cut ham and cheese, recommend a good bottle of wine and such treasures has many.


You are not an expert on cheeses or wines? There You always will be offered firstly, so that you can taste what you want to buy or simply to decide what kind of cheese you prefer, at what price and what type of ham you prefer, and all this with a glass of wine in the price ;) I especially recommend you the oranges cheese (queso con naranja) - my favorite! white cheese with quince marmalade (queso blanco con membrillo), old cheese (queso viejo) or cheese with avocado green, or red with tomato cheese and wine of course Pinturas ;) Perfect for romantic evenings or the meeting your friends!


I promise that You will be spell-bound by magic of this place and the proverbial grandfather. I warn you that you will want to go back there again, as all my guests. I promise that You leave from there with a smile on your face and full of positive energy and will to live. I promise that You fall in love with this place as I do, and this is all thanks to the (un) usual cheese and grandfather;)


El Rincon del Queso can be found in the vicinity of the Mercado Central, between a mini-Super Sol, a florist shop. Map here.

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